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  • LoveKeepCreate Monkey
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  • LoveKeepCreate Monkey
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  • LoveKeepCreate Monkey
  • LoveKeepCreate Monkey



Our original cheeky monkey is one of our signature designs and incredibly popular.  Made from the most cherished of the clothing you...

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If you would like your keepsake animal to be weighted, please select the large option.
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Would you like a sound insert or pocket for ashes?

Our keepsake monkey looks great in both patterned and plain fabrics but we would suggest you include one plain item for his face so that it stands out.  Just pop in what embroidery option you want, then checkout and you'll receive an email telling you where to send the items of clothing.  The Monkey can be made in two sizes - standard (sitting at approximately 25cm high) or large (35cm).  The large option is really impressive and a great way to have more items of clothing included.  We suggest you send in 4 babygrows or the equivalent amount in other clothing for a standard monkey and 8 items for a large one in order for us to create your beautiful keepsake.

Please do note that there can be a real variation in the appearance of the animals depending upon the clothing that we receive. Please ensure that you do look through the full product photo picture selection in order to get a good idea of how the appearance can vary. 

If you select the Large option you will then get the option to add 'weighting'.  This means we can make the item weigh the same as your child did when they were born, up to a maximum of 8lb.  Please do have a look at the clothing tab above for more information about what we recommend.

We can also add a little pouch internally to your keepsake, which contains a removable and re-recordable sound device, shaped like a heart.   The device can be taken in and out of the pouch (which is fastened with velcro) and you can record a message which is played back whenever the device is squeezed.  The device is approximately 6.5cm across and can be recorded over as many times as you like.  This is a wonderful way to treasure special messages from loved ones to parents or vice versa, for the sound of heartbeats or any other treasured recording.

Once we receive the clothes from you it generally takes about six to eight weeks for us to get your finished item back to you.  If you select our Express Service we can do it in under three weeks.  If there is a special date you need it for please do make a note of this when you send in the clothes.  Please contact us if your order is really urgent (under three weeks).  

If you have got a lot of special requests and additions then, depending on the complexity, we may contact you to request an additional payment to cover the cost of making these.

While our keepsakes can be machine washed at 40 degrees, we would prefer that they are hand washed and dried naturally. Do not tumble dry.  The stuffing is 100% CE tested polyester.  As these can be delicate items, often made from very well-worn clothes, they can not be CE tested and therefore come with the following Warning: This product is not suitable for persons under the age of 14 years. Pattern is by LoveKeepCreate Ltd.

Specific References

Elaine B

Wonderful family heirloom

Have just received the weighted monkey I order for my grandson, who will hopefully treasure him forever. The monkey is wonderful, a beautiful creation made from George's first baby grows. I am sure my daughter will be thrilled. The team at love keep create are so clever. They have produced a first rate modern family heirloom, well done.

Joanne Buzdygan

Amazing product, excellent service

We bought the Large monkey for my little boys newborn clothes as a keepsake, for us and eventually for him. I took the time to annotate each item of clothing that meant something and what it was about it I liked. They took everything I had written and made sure they features I wanted were prominent. Not only that, to begin with I didn't want to spend more on the express service, after a day or so I changed my mind and they were so helpful to change it for me, on the Monday I paid the extra for the week turn around and by Thursday it was at my doorstep. There was no question too small, and they couldn't be more helpful. Excellent.

Melanie Eichhorn-Schurig

Melanie E

I ordered the weighted version of the monkey and it looks rather cool. All clothes that I wanted to be used have gone into it. I agree with the other reviewers that it is a lovely way to keep memories from those first weeks and months. Also, they made a special effort to get the monkey completed in time for my son's first birthday which is great given the short notice. Thanks so much!

Mhairi, Stirling

Very happy customer!

I received my keepsake in time for Christmas and I just want to say how much I love it.
The product is of the highest quality and you were able to include all the elements I had asked for in my letter with the clothes.
I think they are a wonderful way of keeping the clothes in a memorable way rather than sitting in a vac pac bag in the attic!
Thank you so much for what you do, I couldn't be happier with mine.

Alexandra: Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Poignantly perfect

I just received my items today - my words are inadequate, but thank you so very much. I was worried that the stuffed animals would look childish as the clothes were belonging to much loved adult, but they are just perfect. I am touched and amazed at how you used the different items of clothing to create a wonderful reminder of a very dear and missed person in our lives. I can absolutely recommend your services to anyone who would benefit from it - a fabulous service from beginning to end, and so much more than a business. Thank you; keep doing what you do so very well; bringing comfort and love to others.

Tracy Linton

Better than I thought it would be.

Received my daughters monkey really quickly. The website is so easy to use and order from. Sent off my 4 garments with requests to have the cat face on one babygro as the monkeys tummy and the gruffalos child on another babygro to be placed somewhere. Thats exactly what we received. Also love the bonus of the two pockets being put on the monkeys feet. Its absolutely gorgeous and well worth every penny.

Hannah Shackleton

Just brilliant!

This was a gift for my Son's 1st birthday and we couldn't be more thrilled! Such an easy process with regular updates so you have peace of mind that these precious items of clothing arrived safely! The monkey is brilliant anf he will be treasured forever. Such amazing quality and presented in a beautiful gift box. Such a lovely way to use their baby grows. Thank you so much x

Andrew Wood

They create so much from so little

Firstly here is the background and why we chose to use “Love Keep Create”

Sadly our 38 year old Son Chris passed away in June 2016 from leukaemia. One of his favourite items of clothing was a large hairy jumper that was known with great affection throughout the family as “The YETI”. Whenever Chris wore it there were screams of good humoured laughter and much mickey taking but Chris loved that banter as much as he loved “His Yeti”. Sadly after his passing the “Yeti” was consigned to the wardrobe it held too many happy memories to be sent off to the charity shop and perhaps there it would have stayed holding all those happy memories and being so loved yet at the same time so neglected. Then it happened, Onto the Dragons Den came Rachel and Merry who had come up with a brilliant idea that we instantly realised would make our Sons beloved “Yeti” play as big a part in the family now as it had in the past. They could turn the “Yeti” into animal keepsakes brilliant. So without further ado the “Yeti” was dispatched off to “Love Keep Create” in the hope that there would be enough material to create four “Yeti” like monkeys to be shared around the family. Did they do it not only did the team at “Love Keep Create” do it they made our hopes and dreams come true they have transformed the original “Yeti” into four “Yeti” like monkeys that are so adorably cute and cuddly that you have to smile when you look at them and as you do so you think of Chris and that’s exactly what we wanted. The “Yeti” lives on and thanks to “Love Keep Create” the memory of Chris will live on too. Thank you so much we have nothing but love and admiration for all at “Love Keep Create”

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Absolutely amazing!
I'm really happy with the attention to detail to the materials chosen for each part and the wording I asked for on the feet, it really is lovely. Definitely a forever keepsake :)
I was very nervous sending it all off and I never thought it would come back as lovely as it has!
Thank you very much x

Kelly King

Loved it!

Both my children have these monkeys - they are gorgeous, great quality and a wonderful way to treasure great memories

Tony Richmond


Bought as a xmas present for me and my wife, absolutely blown away by the thought, care and attention put into our very own cheeky monkey! Would very much recommend!!

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Our original cheeky monkey is one of our signature designs and incredibly popular.  Made from the most cherished of the clothing you...

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We get a lot of questions about the clothing which can be used.  This should answer all your questions!


Types of clothing.  We use baby grows as a guide for numbers of items (below) but you can send us pretty much any clothing.  We can work with all kinds of materials - if they are delicate/knitted then sometimes we back them with another fabric for stability.  We struggle to work with very chunky knits and we can’t use plastic rainwear or swimwear.  On the whole we can do most things, however the wider the variety of fabrics the less ‘uniform’ the finished item will look.

Number of items.  As a guide to what to send in we ask the for equivalent number of babygrows.  This assumes babygrows that are approximately 0-6months.  If they are tiny babygrows, vest, tops, trousers etc then they would count as half a babygrow.  Equally, if the items are much bigger babygrows, or dresses with quite a bit of fabric to them etc, then you may be able to send less.  Generally we would say it is better to send slightly too much than too little. 

Notes.  Please do tell us in a note with the clothes which are the favourites, especially if you are sending more than we’ve asked for, so that we can make sure they appear prominently on the finished item.  Please do tell us if you want a bit of everything using.  If you don’t, and we don’t need it all, then we will make a decision about what to use and will send back any uncut items.  Similarly, it is really important to let us know if you are sending in certain items which are particular favourites, or if you want bits of detailing etc using in a particular way.  We will always do our best to adhere to these requests, although it may not always be possible.  

Quality.  Obviously the most worn items of clothing are often the favourites and we love these.  However, please be aware that the more stretched/worn/washed something is, the more delicate the finished item will be as stitches are more likely to pull into little tiny holes on seams.  Also, more won/stretchy fabric tends to look more stretched – obviously!  This doesn’t mean it is over-stuffed, it is just a consequence of the fabric.  We think it still looks lovely, but you just need to be aware that it may look more different to the pictures on the product pages.  There are lots of customer photos on our Facebook page ( so please do look there for more real life examples.  We strongly encourage customers to look at the customer photos  so that you can get a good idea of the variety in appearance of the products. 

Offcuts.  We do keep remnants of fabric for a short amount of time after dispatching your order, so if you aren’t happy, or want something back, you need to tell us quickly.  Once your order is dispatched then we usually recycle remaining fabric within a few weeks.

How do I send them in?  Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email with postage instructions.  Please follow the instructions!  It is really important to make sure the order reference and a senders address is on the outside of the parcel.

Weighting is only available on certain animals as shown in the table (PLEASE PROVIDE TABLE) Please note that for those animals where it is available, you have to select the large size of animal.

Please be aware that large weighted animals will appear a lot bigger than they do in the main product photos and will generally have much chubbier looking limbs.  As with all the keepsakes, generally the older/more worn the clothing, the more stretched it will look on the final item, but this is particularly so with weighted keepsakes.  It does not mean that they are overstuffed.

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